/pɑ: ˈhi:lɪən/

parēlion | παρήλιον

'beside the sun'

Corporate finance and investment solutions
Client comes first. Always.

Parhelion Corporate Finance is a corporate finance boutique that advises founders, directors and investors across the capital spectrum.

By integrating our proprietary deal flow and due diligence techniques,  we create bespoke investment solutions for our network of (co-)investors.

Parhelion Corporate Finance was established in 2016 in the Netherlands.

Our Services
We help our clients and investors explore new horizons.

We believe that combining an entrepreneurial mindset with deep analysis delivers the best results. 

Our work starts by first understanding our clients goals and ambitions. 

We dare to speak our mind, as efficiency cannot be achieved without honesty.

Investment decisions require dealing with complex matters where there is no margin for error.

Through our skill and experience, we can help our clients navigate financial and strategic complexities and evaluate potential outcomes.

We assist both acquirers and sellers throughout the entire M&A process, from deal sourcing to final closing.

We assist founders raising debt and equity to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

Knowing the value of a business or technology is the first step towards informed decision-making.

Clients use our valuations to assess their present value and the impact on value under different scenarios.

We offer investors unique opportunities to invest in selected companies, through our vehicle Parhelion Capital. 

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Selection of Our clients
Our Team

George Florea

Managing Partner / Founder

George holds a MSc in Finance  from RSM/Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has 15+ years of transaction and investment experience. Father of two and a long-distance runner. George is a private investor in various venture companies.

Yannick Limburg

Senior Associate

Yannick holds a MSc in Finance from RSM/Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has a background in alternative asset investing, both in Real Estate and Venture Capital. Yannick is a cyclist enthusiast and former field hockey player.

Pepijn Versteeg


Pepijn is a MSc student at RSM / Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is specialised in capital raising transactions. Pepijn is an avid field hockey player and head coach of a youth team. In addition, Pepijn is the research analyst for Parhelion Capital.

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    The Netherlands


    +31 (0)10 340 0090

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    Parhelion Corporate Finance B.V. 
    Hofplein 20
    3032 AC Rotterdam
    The Netherlands

    Our office is located in the ‘Spaces building’ within walking distance from Rotterdam Centraal train station. A parking facility is present next to our office building.

    Parhelion Corporate Finance B.V.  is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 68076770.

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